Best Boxing Gym in Sydney – What to Look For?

Finding the best boxing gym in Sydney seems like a daunting task for the inexperienced training seeker and is a time-consuming task for the experienced boxer looking to pick up their training in a new city.

If you are looking for serious boxing training and not just some lightweight personal training program run by franchisees, there are several options in the CBD run by professionals with genuine world class boxing experience.

Quality Of Trainers

The Corporate Fight Gym caters to all would-be boxing trainees and boasts trainers that have produced international boxing champions. Boxing training is tailored for the trainees who range from amateur enthusiasts to serious professional career fighters. Beginners are given a gentle introduction to boxing training and are technique training and physical duress are increased incrementally to promote consistent development.

Broad Training Schedules

Corporate Fighter has a range of classes in the morning, afternoon and evening to cater for trainees with different schedules. People who are participating in the Corporate Fighter program are required to train in the designated evening sessions in preparation for the fight night. Saturday classes for the Corporate Fighter program are recommended (but optional) for participants to get the most out of their training.

The Professional Boxing Experience

Apart from the usual regular training and resources that other quality boxing gyms offer, Corporate Fighter has a program where ordinary people can train intensively over a three-month period and then step into the ring for an amateur bout with other participants. Otherwise know a white-collar professional boxing, trainees are put through a program similar to the regime of a professional boxer including lifestyle and nutrition plans. Family members, colleagues and friends are invited to watch the boxing match at a luxury hotel with the excitement and ceremony that you would expect to see at a professional event.

Look At The Fighters In A Gym

The most telling test of a boxing gym is looking at the quality of boxers than the gym produces. A boxing gym without quality fighters is like a supermarket without groceries. One of the most influential aspects of your boxing training will be sparring. If there are no fighters to spar with, then there is no real training to be had and you have to ask yourself why there aren’t any real fighters at this gym. Inspect the amateur fight programs and ask if the gym trains any professional fighters. The answers you get to these questions will be illuminating as to the quality of the boxing gym. Most boxing gyms will have websites where this information is advertised freely.


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