Why You Should Consider Boxing As Part Of Your Fitness Training

So, you are looking to improve your health and fitness? Many people start on this journey without a clue. Some people are lucky enough to have grown up in families where sport, training, health and fitness were a part of their lives from a young age. Others may get to a certain age with little to no experience with any kind of exercise and know they want to pursue some kind of health and fitness agenda, but won’t have any real idea on how to start. If you are living in Metropolitan NSW and you are wanting to get fit, then you could do worse than join a Sydney boxing gym. If you already have some experience, then the benefits and the advantages of boxing training are well known to you. For the Inexperienced, consider the following points before making a decision about which direction you want to take:

Boxers Are Amongst the Most Physically Capable Athletes in The World.

A brutal mix of cardio-vascular fitness, strength, agility, intensity and endurance make boxers amongst the fittest athletes in the world. Even marathon runners don’t have the same stamina when you take into account the intensity of vigorous boxing training. If you are looking to get fit and stay in shape or lose weight, you will notice very fast results after only one month of beginner boxing training. Once you develop into the beginner-intermediate territory of boxing prowess, you won’t even need to think about the improvements in your physical fitness or weight loss, it will just happen automatically while you train. Many (if not all) personal trainers and training bootcamps incorporate some rudimentary boxing exercises because they are so effective.

Boxing Trainers Are Excellent Personal Trainers.

Go to a boxing training session and you will see that the trainers (in general) really know what they are doing. Any decent boxing gym in Sydney will usually have trainers that are ex-professional fighters themselves. Boxing training draws together many different types of exercises that improve the trainees core strength, speed and fitness. Boxing training makes you strong and fit. Boxing trainers know how to use these exercises to get the best performance and condition of the people they are training.

Boxing Training Is Fun.

The best exercises are the ones where your mind is focused on something other than the boredom of simply putting your body under stress. Doing a one-hour session on an elliptical trainer is beneficial, but boring. Sparring with a boxing partner for the same period of time with some callisthenic exercises thrown in is much more enjoyable workout with the same (or more) benefit. If your workout sessions are focused only on placing your body under stress (elliptical / rowing / running / swimming / etc.) you are more likely to get bored, cheat on those exercises, or worse, stop altogether. If the training you are undertaking is fun to the point you are not focused on the stress you are placing your body under, you are more likely to persist with your training and improve your performance.

Learn How to Defend Yourself.

Whether you are just light sparring or using full contact sparring with pads, you will learn how to defend yourself if you are evert attacked. This benefit cannot be overstated. While unprovoked attacks on Sydney’s streets are becoming less common, being able to defend yourself from such an attack may save your life. Some fitness training programs will just get you fit. Boxing training will get you fit and teach you how to fight.

Boxing Training Is Great Supplemental Training for Other Sports.

Many professional NRL players now use boxing as a part of their rugby league training as it suits the mix of high intensity and stamina that comes with playing a full game of rugby league. Boxing training is a great way to cross train with other sports. It will train the body for a different type of fitness and engage muscles that might not be so prominently targeted in other sports which will improve the overall performance of the athlete. If your primary focus is another sport other than boxing, boxing training is a great supplement to further improve your performance in that sport.


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