White Collar Boxing in Sydney – Challenge Yourself

If you are a white collar professional looking to challenge yourself and find an excuse to get into peak physical condition, you should look at participating in the Corporate Fighter white collar boxing program in Sydney. Most of the past participants have stated that it is one of the best experiences of their lives and many of them still train today as a way of keeping fit and healthy. There could be any number of reasons why you might consider getting involved, but consider the following:

You Will Get Fit Fast

3 months intensive boxing training will improve your fitness to levels that you probably didn’t know even existed. Whether you are a newcomer to physical training or someone that already has a fitness regime, you will enjoy that great feeling that comes from being in peak physical condition and you will want to continue staying in great shape.

You Will Experience What It Feels Like to Be an Elite Athlete

Even if it is just for one night you will know what it feels like to have a room packed with spectators cheering while you compete. You choose the music that gets played while you make your entrance and after some shadow boxing for the cameras, you make your way to the ring in the centre of the crowd.  At this point, the adrenaline will be working its way through your system and when the crowd makes its first deafening roar, you will know that you have arrived at a place you have never been before. Only yourself, the other participants and elite athletes know what this feels like.

You Won’t Get Hurt

You will cop a few knocks – in training and on fight night, but it is unlikely you will be seriously hurt. These events are run by professionals and the last thing they want is a serious injury blighting their reputation. Medical staff are present throughout the entire night and you will need to be certified by a doctor before you participate and before you compete. There is also a post check at the conclusion of the fight. There are injury risks associated with participating in any sporting activity, especially any combat related sport. These risks are well managed and tightly controlled within the Corporate Fighter white collar boxing program.

You Will Learn to Defend Yourself

Many first time white collar boxers have no fighting experience at all and leave Corporate Fighter as well trained boxers. If they are ever in a situation where they need to defend themselves, they will have a much greater chance than if they had no training at all. Chances are you have never had to defend yourself from an attack in a street fight. If you ever are in this position and you have had some combat training, you will be glad you did.

You Will Get to Network with Other White Collar Professionals

You won’t join specifically to secure your next job or to negotiate a lucrative services contract, but if these things happened as a result of white collar boxing, it would not be the first time. You will meet other people working in your industry and some working in other industries. You will train hard with these people and form friendships and share an experience that won’t be forgotten in a hurry. This sort of experience will generate trust, which is a great foundation to form business partnerships.

You Will Become a Workplace Celebrity

All of your colleagues will talk about your fight night for weeks. You will be the one who stepped into the ring and fought for your office. Your fight video will be shared on social media. You will get the re-live the experience and talk about for months after the event. Everyone in the office and your opponent’s office will know who you are after fight night.

Being a part of the Corporate Fighter white collar boxing program is an unforgettable experience that will benefit anyone wanting to do something a little different. The fight night events support multiple charities, so your participation will help support people in need. Sign up today and challenge yourself.


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