White Collar Boxing – The Newest Way to Network

First it was golf, but that took too long, but it was sometimes difficult to arrange and there were all sorts of other barriers. It wasn’t for everyone and sometimes it was difficult to include those people you wanted to network with because they were embarrassed to have people watching tee-offs that were truly cringe-worthy. Cycling became the next great way to meet people. Lots of people were doing it. You could do it every day if you wanted to before you started your working day.

It was easy to start at any level and there was always an easy way to break the ice in a conversation. Lunchtime workouts soon followed. Touch football. Outdoor Circuit sessions. A really enjoyable way to meet new people while making real positive and measureable differences to your physical well-being. Have you thought about the people you might meet doing white collar boxing?

On November 4th 2016, Yellow Brick Road CEO Mark Bouris took on the NSW police superintendent Tony Crandell in what can only be described as a once in a lifetime event that was attended by many corporate executive heavyweights and several senior police enthusiasts that has still not been easily forgotten by the people that were lucky enough to witness this event. Generous sums of money were raised for charities to further the tireless efforts of the great work they do, but the most under-rated benefits for all of the other participants who trained alongside the headlining bouts were the contacts they made and the opportunities created by meeting like-minded people in the training sessions.

For three months, approximate 30 people shred the intensity of hard boxing training sessions with other white collar professionals. They trained hard, they sparred and hit each other, they were there to encourage each other at every step of their training and then got to live that thrill of stepping into the ring while they were cheered on by their supporters and everyone there on fight night. Many of the corporate fighter trainees have continued with their boxing training since fight night and train regularly with new candidates looking to add this experience to their life.

Technology juniors train with financial services specialists. Actuaries spar with accountants. Everyone relishes the prospect of being able to punch a recruiter in the head (okay so we are being a little unfair). The point is that you get to train and share a journey with a diverse range of white collar professionals, many of who you may stay in contact with well after fight night has been and gone. It is fair to say that a significant amount of business and business opportunities are born from this program. More to the point, throughout this program you get to build trust which is a key foundation to successful business.

So keep up the golf and get yourself to a level where you can play a game at a business function without feeling completely embarrassed. There is no need to ditch the cycling either – it is one of the easiest activities to incorporate into a busy lifestyle and a great way to maintain fitness.

Do yourself a favour and take a look at white-collar boxing. Quite likely, it is different to anything else you have experienced and will keep you in great shape while you learn valuable self-defence techniques and confidence.

It may also be the gateway to your next career move.


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