The Sydney Fight Gym Causing A Stir In The Corporate World

Ask any successful business person what it takes to prevail in the business world and you will get a wide range of answers.  The overwhelming common trait of all exceptional white collar professionals is dogged determination. While pure tenacity on its own isn’t necessarily the foolproof recipe for success, being able to take knocks and respond with composure driven by the objectives of the business mission is the essence of the true professional. A successful business person will view barriers as challenges that need to be overcome, not showstoppers. They learn from their mistakes and stay focused on the immediate tasks while never losing sight of the bigger picture.

It is no surprise then that many of the people in this exclusive community are enjoying the experience and the journey of the Sydney fight gym Corporate Fighter program and if you look at what drives these people, it is easy to see why. The parallels of training for an amateur boxing match and executing business strategy attract the same personalities.

If you want to see what a real challenge for a white collar professional looks like, take them out of the office and put them in the ring against an opponent in an equal match that requires highly intense physical performance and matching mental strength. Of course, like any real challenge, this requires preparation, and end goal in mind and obstacles that need to be overcome. This is a new experience where the participant gets to live the journey of a professional athlete and compete in an arena that reflects the hard work and commitment to their training. Above all, it gives people a purpose to greatly improve their physical fitness and is a tremendous amount of fun.

Taking risks can produce rewards, but also need to be managed. Professional business people learn this early on and that real success comes from taking calculated risks. You manage those risks to the point that probability of failure is as low as it can be, while ensuring the chance of the upside is as high as it can be. Repeat this cycle for long term success.
Training for an amateur boxing match is classic risk management vs reward. Risks are reduced by training hard. You listen to the coaches, make mistakes, learn, improve, adapt and take control of the challenge. The reward is the fight night at the end where the months of risk management and focus are on display for all of the people that you have chosen to share this journey with.

Go along to one of these events and you will see every business discipline represented. You will see bankers battling it out with police, real estate agents vs recruiters and an atmosphere that is infectious. Many first time white collar boxing participants are introduced to the experience attending the fight night as a supporter or guest.

White collar boxing in Sydney has steadily grown in popularity and participation rates since it was first introduced to the city by Josh King in 2009 and has exploded in the last year. There will be now more than twelve events held each year with plans to expand the program nationally and bring the fight gym into the offices of more than 500 businesses.

The program is open to anyone who is up for a uniquely challenging experience and passes essential medical and fitness criteria.


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