Corporate Fight Night, Could You Do It?

Sometime in your life you probably wondered if you could become a professional athlete or sportsperson … even for a day.  Like most if you are interested in personal training and fitness you would have watched boxing or martial arts events either live or on TV.

Most are professional and minimal protection is worn hence we see quite a bit of damage especially to the head and face region.  Amateur boxing is quite different in that approved headgear is mandatory as protection against damage to the head and most of the face hence making it a lot safer than professional bouts.

We at Corporate Fighter have developed something we think is quite unique.  A 12-week course at a Corporate boxing gym in Sydney to take you from no knowledge at all to being capable and confident enough to enter a 3 round bout with someone of your own skill level … and not in our gym but at a professional event in front of a live audience of hundreds of people at the Westin Hotel Grand Ballroom.  Yes, this event has a full card and you can be a star going up against a fellow enthusiast of your same age, sex and skill range.

Your bout will be followed by a full card including fun events like “Cops vs Corporates”. After completing your first bout you will probably want to continue this adventure but if not you have been there and done that and you will be the envy off all who know you.

Live the dream.  Feel like a champion in a very safe environment.  Yes, you will get knocked around a bit but nothing too serious as the professional referee will ensure the safety of the boxers.  Can you imagine your heart pumping when you step between the ropes and the bell rings?  Your dream come true; and this can only happen through our carefully planned and implemented 12-week course.

Our capable and highly proficient trainers will give you all the tools needed to live your dream and experience something you will never forget.  You will be photographed and broadcast to thousands of people including your family, friends and work colleagues. Best of all, you get to train in the best boxing gym in Sydney.

Walk in to the office on Monday morning and you will be entitled to swagger a little – win – lose – or draw! You will have new esteem, self-confidence and the respect of your peers and who knows some may become involved with you in this fantastic adventure.  Come in and speak to us.  There is no obligation.  Take a FREE TRIAL with us and then take the stairway to your dreams by joining our incomparable 12-week boxing training course.  We will be behind you all the way especially when you step into the ring for your live bout.  Taking part in this amazing programme will make you fitter, healthier and more confident than you have ever been in your life.


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