Personal Protection and Training: Getting Ready For Your First Boxing Match

Whether you want to get in shape or make a professional career out of boxing, prepare yourself the right way with these basic boxing considerations before you take the plunge.

While more and more people are seemingly getting into boxing, be it for their fitness, self-defence or competitive goals, the popular sport isn’t a child’s play, especially when you’re striving to make a career out of it.

The preparation and training involved in boxing can be nerve-wrecking. And when it comes to first fights, it is natural for any individual to extreme stress and fear.

From pre-match fears to proven strategies, here are some insights into boxing and essential considerations that will help you prepare better and increase your chances of success.

What About Those Fight Jitters?

A rush of adrenaline is a common sign of nervousness that nearly everyone incurs before presenting themselves. In those first-time boxing fights, it is accompanied by jitters.

To effectively combat first fight jitters and utilise your uneasiness in an efficient way, consider the following:

  • Believe in your skills and techniques that you have practiced during your training.
  • Focus solely on your training and eliminate outside distractions to stay fully inspired.
  • Keep repeating positive affirmations in your mind like “you can do it”, “hit hard, do it” and “you have everything you need to win this”.
  • Get comfortable with your training, practices and the competition setting in order to prepare both your mind and body for the match.

Practical Steps to Getting Started

People indulge in boxing for a variety of different reasons. You might want to get in shape, have fitness goals or maybe you want to use the sport as a self-defence tool and more.

But if you have aspirations for competitive fighting or a full-time career in boxing, you have got to get involved with some intimate training. For that you need two things:

An Acclaimed Boxing Gym

And by that we mean not some street-side fitness centre that offers boxing training as one of its numerous fitness services. Find the greatest fight gym in Sydney that exclusively offers boxing coaching.

You’ll find a number of martial arts, Muay Thai and MMA fighting training centres. But what’s certainly going to get you professional sparring partners, real trainers and an apt training environment is a hard-core boxing gym.

A Professional Coach

Another inevitable consideration is your boxing coach. Along with a good boxing gym, you need an experienced trainer who can put you through suitable workout training and work hard with you to reach your goals.

Most gyms have several trainers and coaches to train their people. When finding the best boxing gym in Sydney, talk with the concerned person of the gym and see if you get to choose your own coach. If yes, interact with the potential coach personally and ensure the person is ready to put in as much as you are for your training.

A quick glance into helpful tips and tricks for first fight

  • Look confident and act aggressive to give your opponent the right attitude.
  • Don’t clash too early as you don’t want to run out of energy and get too exhausted to fight further rounds.
  • Save your hard punches for the time your opponent is around the ropes and have practically nowhere to move.
  • Keep your body loose and warm before the match.
  • When you’re not actively punching, move slowly along the ropes to relax your legs and body.

So, you have pretty much known and learned what you need to before your first fight.

Now when you’re at it, do not forget to enjoy the sport.


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